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Our farm is located in Beijing's Pinggu County. Being situated here allows us to be close enough to eliminate long transportation times and ensure better air quality. Our lush farm covers an area of 70 hectares (168 acres).
With over 120 greenhouses, our harvests boast a cornucopia of 100% organic produce that is accompanied by some of Beijing's happiest pigs, geese, and chickens that feast only on what we grow. Naturally, they are all hormone, drug, and antibiotic-free.
Because we believe in the concept of eco-balance, we raise goats along with our pigs and chickens, allowing them to work together to provide all our fertilizer needs.

We also maintain a partnership with two cooperative farms in Beijing. These farms produce natural quality products. What this means is that through our supervision they follow all the same practices that we do in terms of no pesticides, chemicals, hormones, or GMOs. But because they are small farms they can't yet afford the costly organic-certification process. So if it comes from our Kang Shunda or Chun Shengda partner cooperative farms you now know that you are getting products held to the same exacting standards that we use on our Pinggu farm.
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