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What is eating organic? Does it mean a healthier lifestyle? Does it mean pesticide-free produce? Does it mean happy farmers and happy animals? Yes, yes, yes, and yes! When you adopt a farm to table lifestyle, you are not only taking the first step in adding longevity to your life, you're also helping your community grow both environmentally and economically. Way to give back to Mother Nature! Our little organic farm is situated in Pinggu, Beijing. Our crops are ECOCERT and CHC certified, meaning we take growing organic very seriously! To learn more about our farm and our farm practices, please read here or come by the farm for an organic meal and visit! Established in 2008, TooToo conquers many "firsts" through our organic farming system in China. Whether it be something as simple as providing accurate expiration dates, to something as important as creating transparency in the food industry, TooToo has yours and your loved ones covered. With our parent company being Ninetowns Beijing we share the same business values when it comes to providing high quality products, superb customer service, and creating a positive community in Beijing that allows us to trust one another.

Farm to Table
Being able to know where your food comes from and how it's grown isn't a new idea. It's the way eating was meant to be. At our farm, our livestock is treated only with care and without antibiotics or hormones. Our produce is 100% organic and pesticide-free, and our farmers are paid fare wages to ensure their care and responsibility into our farm.
It's no secret that Beijing has become the playground of countless food scandals, but we don't have to let them get the best of us. Our promise to you is being able to be as transparent as possible through open farm visits, [LINK] food traceability, and reliable customer care. With our farm having the ECOCERT stamp of approval, we have organic standards beyond that of local organic certification.
Not only should you be able to trust our products will always be the highest of quality, you should trust that our service will always be there to help when necessary. Whether it comes to delivery times, scheduling a visit to our farm, or simply placing an order, we will always provide the highest customer service and quality assurance 100% of the time, anytime.
Can't find a product you're looking for? Want to change the date of your order? Need our help with an event? TooToo can be there for you like a close friend. If we have the opportunity to help our community grow in anyway, we're there! Not only can you count on us to help you out, you can count on our farm for freshness and 100% organic produce year-round.
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